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Looking for a refreshing treat that is a little on the exotic side? Want a treat that is out of the ordinary? Yogurt and Gelato is now passé but Hawaiian shave ice is the tropical treat to try.

Shave ice is not a snow cone! A snow cone is crushed ice that you have to chew, but a shave ice is finely shaved ice that is "melt in your mouth" good and no chewing required! We have over 36 flavors (see our menu page) that can be mixed and matched to create your own uniquely delicious concoctions.

Want to amp it up a notch? Put a scoop of ice cream in the bottom of your shave ice cup or top it off with our delicious vanilla cream topping. Now we're talking down right "narly" dude!

So come and enjoy a tropical treat sitting at one of our surfboard counters. You will love the atmosphere and our fantastic employees that will serve you.